Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ouch Lesson

Ever had an "ouch" lesson. Today I had one.

It seems that I had someone who I respect in the field of church planting tell me in a round about way that any insights that I have on church planting would not be relevant to others who are "higher up" on the church planting chain. I have to admit, this stung, made me angry and then made me wonder if maybe I am obsolete.

Well, after thinking on this for a while, I realize that the "ouch" was to my ego. It seems that I was measuring myself by what others perceived of my ministry.

The true "ouch" was I allow myself to fall in to a trap of wanting others to think of me as important. It is a dangerous trap. It often makes one think more highly of oneself and when others don't see it then you are handed a hurt.

Well, the Lord took the "ouch" and made realize that what matters is being faithful to who and what He has called you to be. Yes, there is always someone smarter, more experienced, more educated and better at what you do. However, there is only one me and what the Lord wants me to be is the most important thing.

Thanks Lord for the "OUCH!"

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